Cloud is here to stay.

We are witnessing a digital transformation right before our very eyes. Next generation technologies are connecting the business to customers in ways never imagined possible just ten years ago, and cloud sits squarely in the middle of this transformation. Whether IT organizations are creating private clouds to improve intercommunication and productivity for its employees, or a balance between public and hybrid clouds to allow its customers to do business more easily and seamlessly from any platform or device, the “cloud” solutions are here to stay.

Our Mission is to help businesses elevate their delivery to meet 3rd platform demand by innovating their approach to IT.

Delivering IT That’s Mobile, Agile, Automated & Secure

Our mission at Elovate is to be the premier advisor to our customers and enabling IT to regain the lead by helping to identify the right solution with the right next generation technology, and with the right forward thinking processes to elevate its business while innovating at the IT layer to provide “best in class” service to meet today’s demands. We live in a “point and click” loyalty society, with very high expectations. This is why we feel it is important to have solutions to help you meet those needs, and why our focus is on solutions that are Mobile, Agile, Automated, and Secure.





According to ESG research, mobile devices will play an integral part business initiatives in the form of improving employee productivity (22%) and/or fostering better interaction with customers (20%). We believe these numbers are on the rise, and is a clear indicator why solutions need to be in place today to support the growth of this segment in the future.

IT can help the business be more agile through the solutions it recommends. At Elovate, we do this very well, we understand both the business and technical sides of the discussion. Having the ability to rapidly deploy virtual machines for your development team to meet its time to market objectives is just one example how IT may enable the business. In addition, as companies are using next generation predictive analytic technologies to make business decisions more quickly, it is critical to have a strong technical solution to support these initiatives. We like to provide our customers the ability to create a competitive advantage using the solutions we recommend, that is truly agile.

A tried and true phrase from the old “MIS” days of data center operations is, if you’ve done a task more than twice, automate it. Automation frees up precious resources to focus on higher priority projects. We believe automation tools will be at the core of any modern IT infrastructure, whether it be in the form of monitoring, alerting, or even deployment. Our solutions architects will work with your IT team to determine the best course of action given your specific goals and objectives and free your team to help drive the business forward.

Business executives are clearly focused on cybersecurity, according to ESG research over 40% have stated cybersecurity initiatives for the entire company, not just IT, will drive the most technology spend for 2016. This is another clear indicator of increased use of cloud services, and the business objective to streamline its costs and improve efficiencies across the board. Security is non-negotiable when it comes to the life blood of an organization, its data. At Elovate we have solutions to protect data and store it securely for recovery, as well as traditional cybersecurity solutions to keep outside and inside intruders at bay.