I I have seen disruptive technologies in my 30+ years in this industry, but I have to say the advancement of network connectivity, cloud offerings/solutions, and application support is truly one of the most disruptive technologies we have ever witnessed. I know some people may not like him, but I have to give Jeff Bezos credit for having a vision, and executing on that vision even if it meant he was losing money along the way – he believed.

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This blog from a Silicon Angle writer shows how others, including IBM, are beginning to catch up. Enjoy this read, and definitely come back to us to talk about how we can help you and your organization be more successful using today’s modern technology solutions.

I know some people may not like him, but I have to give Jeff Bezos credit for having a vision

Even though Amazon never disclosed the AWS revenue in the early days, it is fair to say those early years were ‘investment’ years, and today many are looking back and saying, “AWS is killing it”. We have to thank Mr. Bezos for his commitment to his vision for AWS and for validating this space we all call, “cloud”.

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  • Sumanto says:

    I enjoyed your post. It may well be more difficult for public companies to launch new businesses based upon models that are disruptive to their existing offerings (cloud versus on-premise hardware & services, etc). The shareholders’ interests may simply not allow for new ventures to flourish. What do you think?

  • David A. Chapa says:

    Sumanto, you are spot on. Public companies are much more conservative (as a whole), and largely due to shareholder influence. That being said, I believe we are starting to see the tide turn as many of the institutional, activist, and large individual investors do recognize the high value of cloud, as they too are diversifying their portfolios with emerging vendors in the cloud space, but it is slow. Small steps, individual projects, but with a broad vision and roadmap is something we must help these customers with in order to present to executive management and ultimately the board why this will help the company compete more effectively in the market. My belief is there is a lot more “Shadow IT” out there, and that is where we, at Elovate, want to help customers take control, but not stifle, in order to truly take advantage of all cloud has promised and not kill the OPEX budget because there are so many lines of business managers swiping credit cards in order to help their team deliver where they feel IT could not. Great discussion.

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