O ne of the things I love about this industry is the continued innovation I see from small startup companies.  We have seen significant disruption by companies like Pure Storage, Nutanix, and even a new company called, Infinidat.

What these have in common is they are tightly categorize in the storage part of our industry.  I’m not saying that innovation is easier to do in storage, it is not, but it is probably the one where we see the most innovative traction.  An area we haven’t really witnessed much innovation in over the years is in backup, and believe me, as a guy whose first version of NetBackup was version 1.6, I should know.

Let’s face it backup hasn’t changed all that much since the beginning of time, but there are a couple of companies that are clearly innovating in this particular space, Cohesity being one of those companies.  If you haven’t heard of Cohesity just yet, you soon will.  Founded by Mohit Aron, who originally founded Nutanix, and previous to that while at Google, was one of the engineering leads who designed the Google File System.  With Mohit’s knowledge and background, he envisioned a system whereby you change the way you think about backup.  Backup is legacy, hyper converged second tier storage is innovation.

Cohesity may be a target for legacy backup solutions, which, by the way, makes it a “no brainer” when looking at refreshing your data protection strategy.  Cohesity may also run your backups, and this is where the magic begins.  Cohesity will allow you to protect both physical and virtual infrastructures, but unlike traditional legacy backup solutions, your data is not in a propriety format.  So you can take advantage of your data on Cohesity’s secondary tier, by running analytics, creating a workspace for Dev/Test, or consolidate some of your filer sprawl with Cohesity’s file services.  Everything you would expect from your traditional storage, you get with Cohesity, and more.  Cohesity is moving very quickly, they continue to add more features and make it an even more “no-brainer’.  For example, the latest news out of Cohesity is getting its FIPS 140-2 certification.  This is huge news and, as I said, is another major check box that truly makes this solution one to be considered.

As a 30+year “backup guy”, it is hard to find technology in the backup space to make me go, “wow”.  Cohesity makes me go, “wow”.

Call us at Elovate to learn more, as a 30+year “backup guy”, it is hard to find technology in the backup space to make me go, “wow”.  Cohesity makes me go, “wow”.  Enjoy this article, then contact us at Elovate and let us show you how you can deploy this solution in your environment within minutes.


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