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Hardware Elevation, Cloud Innovation & Information Lifecycle Management

Elovate is an emerging technologies IT partner dedicated to creating solutions to help modernize today’s IT workflow and processes. Whether it’s a hardware uplift project, cloud computing initiative, or solutions to increase DevOps efficiencies and eliminate the need for “Shadow IT”, we will be your premier trusted advisor and technology resource.

Our three main practice areas cover the entire stack from traditional data center solutions to cloud; Hardware Elevation Solutions, Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), and Cloud Infrastructure, as well as a host of assessments and services to aid in discovery of the right solution.

Hardware Elevation

The storage solutions Elovate has decided to lead with are all leaders or visionaries on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. While all of these solutions have unique qualities unto themselves, our Elovate team will work with our customers to fully understand the challenge at hand before recommending or selling a solution. At Elovate we take ownership and pride in our work and reputation, when we deliver a solution you can count on it being reliable and predictable. The strategic relationships we have established with manufacturers is based on a number of factors, quality and customer satisfaction, being two of the most important.

  • All Flash Arrays
  • Hybrid Arrays
  • Hyper-converged storage
  • Scale-out storage for virtual environments

Our dedication to emerging technologies extends to network infrastructure. While we will certainly partner with the leading providers in this space, we have also identified new partners with clearly differentiated features that is consistent with our vision for the modern data center. The “cloud builder” generation requires a much different perspective to take you to the next era of IT. Our engineers and solutions architects will partner with our customers to identify and deliver the best solution to meet your expectations.

  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid/Public Cloud
  • Software Defined Network (SDN)
  • Data Center/Branch Switches
  • Monitoring/Management Tool Suites

Virtualization has taken our IT infrastructures to new heights, and as a result we have had to identify new ways to protect, scale, and manage our virtual environments. Beyond the basics of hypervisors, Elovate has identified some visibility tools to help companies do what they should do best, elevate its business strategy with innovative technologies to yield the desired business outcomes. Our solution portfolio for our server practice includes the major hypervisor solutions, as well as a number of converged and hyper-converged solutions specifically architected with virtualization in mind, as well as the high performing systems to host these hypervisors.

Cloud Innovation

C loud is in use everywhere, whether we know it, like it, or want it. Teams are using cloud to accelerate time to market development for new apps (DevOps), and on occasion this is being done outside the view or without the knowledge of the IT team—known as “Shadow IT”. Cloud compute has become as easy to acquire as any online shopper can attest, however, out of control instances of cloud accounts may begin to hurt overall budget spend and counteract the intended benefit of cloud storage and cloud compute. At Elovate, we will not only help identify any Shadow IT, but provide our customers with tools to help bring these cloud solutions under better management and in alignment with IT security policies, while at the same time providing the same, if not better customer experience from a DevOps perspective. Our solutions range from public cloud offerings from both AWS and Azure as well as specialized hybrid solutions using managed services with dedicated servers, virtual servers or a combination.

Our team will help to evaluate your environment, your needs and present a solution we believe would meet your key objectives for a cloud strategy.




  • Data Protection
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Management Suites
  • Visibility Tools
  • DevOps/Provisioning Solutions

Information Lifecycle Management

At the heart of every IT infrastructure is a best practice called, backup/recovery. Our Managing Partner and CTO, could very well be called the “grandfather” of modern data protection, having been working with backup solutions for nearly 30 years. While solutions have evolved and morphed over the years, the key principles of protecting data to an alternate medium, while retaining multiple versions in the event of failure, catastrophe, or user error to be used for recovery remains the same. We have identified next generation solutions for backup and disaster recovery that align with our vision for a modern IT environment. These solutions, both from traditional and new technology partners have the capability of being used to protect on premise data assets as well as cloud assets. The new era of IT should allow access to your protected data to gain as much value from it as possible, while at the same time protecting you from any unforeseen misfortune, which is why we believe “protected data” shouldn’t simply “dead-end” to a piece of media that is only accessible and readable by the software performing the task.

  • Second Tier Storage for Data Protection
  • Managed Backup
  • On premise backup
  • Cloud Protection

While many would categorize DR/BC as “data protection”, there are important distinctions separating these particular pair of workflows from the overarching category. Mainly, DR and BC is a systematic approach to recovering datasets, volumes, systems, and sites. Our Managing Partner and CTO has written extensively on Disaster Recovery Planning and the important of a Business Impact Analysis in order to set out a strategy to support our customer’s business continuity outcomes. While many of the solutions we may present to our customers will perform adequately, it is vitally important to understand the details around our customer’s key objectives when disaster strikes. What constitutes a disaster? Is the the same for every customer? What is the cost of downtime? How do you plan on meeting compliance? All of these questions and more are necessary to properly build out a DR/BC strategy. Our Elovate team will help assess your environment, and jointly create a plan and strategy to meet your goals and expectations for disaster recovery and maintaining the continuity of your business.

Technology Partners

Our core focus is our customer, selecting the right technology solution for your business should never be about the technology alone, which is why we have built so many strategic relationships with a core set of manufacturers who understand and appreciate our vision and approach. Below is just a small list of companies we have partnered with to bring to our customer into the next era of IT.