A Methodology For Predictable Success

Our 5-Step Approach Fosters Deep Partnerships

While we do find similarities across IT organization’s compute environments, we find many more differences and objectives. This is the primary reason we have established a five step approach when engaging in new projects. This methodology fosters a deep partnership between Elovate and its customers, and ensures consistency across subsequent engagements.

Our commitment to our customers is to deliver reliable solutions that create predictable outcomes.

1. Discovery

During this phase, we will use a variety of tools to gather information about the environment, including any documentation provided by the customer such as a server inventory sheet. Our areas of focus include, but not limited to, physical and virtual servers strategies, cloud services, network topology, storage solutions, file access methods, data protection software, retention policies, backup schedules, etc.

2. Process

Once we collect all the physical information on the environment, and understand the key business outcomes from the customer, our solutions architects and engineers will provide their analysis and recommendations for a good, better, or best modern solution to meet the needs and objectives identified during the discovery phase.

3. Architect

When a solution is approved, our team sets out to fully architect how the solution will be deployed, using industry best practices. This phase will also take into account any existing infrastructure that will be replaced by the incoming solution, to ensure as little downtime as possible during deployment.

4. Deploy

Elovate will assign a project manager to oversee the entire execution of the plan, including regular updates for our customers on the project status and be accountable for keeping everything on track, as we maintain full transparency throughout the process.

5. Support

After knowledge transfer, and final hand-off of run book materials, Elovate will be available to support your team to ensure the solutions meets your expectations and satisfaction.